About the Walmart World Room

The Walmart World Room on the third floor of The Walmart Museum is many things: a celebration of Walmart Worldmagazine’s history, a retreat for company leaders to focus on ways to better serve customers, an event space to nurture the community’s growth and development, and much more. Part of The Walmart Museum, the Walmart World Room is open to the public during scheduled events only. Please see the schedule for a listing of upcoming events.

The Walmart World program — both print and digital — fulfills the mission of engaging, inspiring, and educating Walmart associates in the things they care about. The magazine creates a record for years to come of the wondrous Walmart people and their stores, whether they serve customers in the stores, distribution centers, on the road, or in the offices. First published in 1971, it has always been relevant to Walmart associates everywhere.

To learn more about Walmart World, visit this site.