On Women Working for Walmart

Karenann Terrell

EVP and CIO, Retired


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When Walmart first attempted to recruit Terrell in 2010, she initially wasn’t interested. Persistence paid off, though, and after a meeting in Chicago, where she lived at the time, she agreed to take a trip to Bentonville. There she met with Rollin Ford and, thanks to his personality and the opportunity to approach technological scale at a level she’d not previously attempted, she decided to become an associate. Soon the CIO and EVP would learn that scale wasn’t the only thing that differentiated Walmart from other companies, but also the number of women in leadership positions. When she retired in 2017, President and CEO Doug McMillon said of her, “Her charter was clear – modernize our retail technology team and power our store and club businesses by enabling a seamless shopping experience at scale. Under her leadership, we have made great strides.”